Friday, 19 November 2010

Problems with blogging...

I plan to post very soon, but my computer is playing up and it will not load photos. Will be back soon!!!xxx

Saturday, 13 November 2010

spiky haired girl seeks good hair products.......

A change of pace for today, I thought I would review one of the hair products I adore! As you can see from my photo, I have very short hair, which needs quite a lot of taming, and if I dont use any products it just hangs very straight around my face (if I wanted to go to a costume party as a beatle I would be all set, I just wouldnt put any product in my hair!!)

I have very shiny, silky hair, and I know I am very lucky, but when you have a short hairstyle you sometimes end up looking greasy because you have to put so much product in your hair just to make it do something. I used to have this problem, until I found this.......

This stuff is amazing!!! It is a solid paste consistency, so it is a bit difficult to get the stuff out of the pot, and it takes a while to warm it in your hands, but it is well worth the effort! I can use this and my hair still looks matte, but with definition and texture. It is also fantastic for doing the front of my hair, which is notoriously difficult to keep up. I use this alongside a textured powder and hairspray (which I will review in another post), and my hair feels good, not crunchy or dry like when I use other products.  It is fairly cheap for a TIGI product, apx £10.00, and it smells of watermelon, which lingers all day. The only complaint I have is that it really doesn't last long, This pot will last me about 4 weeks if I go really carefully with it, so £10 a month just for one third of the hair products I need is quite expensive. I will however continue to buy until I find a suitable alternative. If you know of anything good I am missing let me know!!!!

see you soon. xxxxx

Friday, 12 November 2010


I'm sorry to say that it is more Lush (I'm not sorry, I'm in love!!)

I blame this purchase on YouTube. I was watching allthatglitters21's Lush haul (if you haven't seen her, or her sister juicystar07, you really need to take a look, they are gorgeous, with so much insight into makeup and beauty), and she started raving about this shower gel.

I just had to try it. Those girls have a lot to answer for!!!! I got the tiny bottle for £3.90, which is a bit pricey for such a small bottle, but it is limited edition. This smells like Christmas in a bottle. Cinnamon, mulled wine and spices, it is wonderful. This lathers up really well when used on a shower puff, and the aroma filling the bathroom this morning was out of this world. Even my brother liked it, and he is so fussy when it comes to scents, he hates my usual shower products, they are far too sweet. (it is very strange living with my brother and dad again, I haven't lived with them for three years, and at least my ex didn't moan about the bathroom being filled with what my family call 'crap'!)

I really enjoyed closing my eyes and enjoying the scent, which is a bit silly I know, but it is so comforting and warm its wonderful!!! I will defiantly buy again, its so unusual and unique.

What do you think? Do you know of any similar products?

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Nail of the week.

Aside from bath products and makeup, I am obsessed with nail polish. There was a time about two years ago, when that was my main obsession, and because of this I am the proud owner of over 300 nail polishes (man, that is scary when you see it written down!!!)

I am not fussy about the brands particularly, and I will try anything, from OPI and Dior to collection 2000 (you UK ladies will know what I am on about). I am a firm believer in the idea that a lady cannot look her best unless her nails look good. I am not suggesting for one minute that everyone needs to have long red nails, or has to spend a fortune on acrylics, but a slight buff and a bit of hand cream does wonders. I am also not saying that my hands are perfect. Far from it. I have very small hands, which compared to the rest of me seems really silly (lets just say I am curvy, and leave it at that.....). They also look quite dry, regardless of how much care and attention I lavish on them. Don't even get me started on my nails either. They are tiny, never grow, and just look naff. Because of this, I hate to say I love false nails. I know they aren't for everyone, but for me they make me feel dainty and pretty, as opposed to stumpy and horrible. I have had acrylics done at a salon, and I have done them at home, but the fumes really are vile, and my family complain that I am trying to gas them, so I have gone back to the old faithful, KISS full over nails.

I have used these on and off for years, using both the square and the oval ones, and I honestly havn't got enough good things to say about them. They are thin but durable, last me about ten days before I soak them off, and don't do any damage to my natural nail. They also make polish last FOREVER, which is a huge bonus for me, as I am constantly using my hands at work, and regular polish chips really easily. I have tried tons of other brands, but these are by far the best. Great value for money at £5.99 a box, they can often be found on offer for buy one get one half price, so they are a steal. Even when I have acrylics, I always come back to this, as they are so easy.

Anyway, onto the good stuff, nail polish!! I always gravitiate towards dark colours in the winter, like many people, and I never wear natural colurs, they just look daft on me. Here is the nail I will be wearing for the next week.

Its a black, loaded with glitter and flakey goodness!!! It might be a bit blingy for some peoples taste, but I say, the more glitter the better. It is from topshop, and at £5 I do think it was a bit expensive for the size bottle you get, but it is very nice. I used this with the Nails inc Albert bridge topcoat, and it is still very glossy after 3 days wear. I do have one complaint about this though. It is very smooth under a topcoat, which is fine, but adding the topcoat made the ends sort of grey, and dulled the effect somewhat, so I had to reapply a bit of the polish to the ends to level the colour out, which was a real pain. It was worth it for the multicoloured bling, but it was time consuming.

What do you think? Do you agree with me on the nail issue, or do you think I am talking nonsense? Let me know!!!

Lush Karma Kream, Kinda funky.....

I warned you there was more Lush!!! I bought this at the same time that I bought Snow fairy, and to be honest Im not sure why.

Let me explain. I will start by saying that I do like this product, The consistency is good, it spreads well and sinks in really quickly. I also think it is very well priced, at £11.20, I feel it is value for money. The thing that I am not sure about is the smell. I will say right now I am not drawn to just one type of scent, I like sweet scents, and foodie scents, and even sometimes herbal scents. However, this is a smell I would never normally be drawn to, and I am not sure why I chose it over some of the other moisturisers. To be honest, I think my brain was having a day off when I went shopping in Lush for the first time, or it may have been beauty product overload, because when I came out of the store and smelled this again, I thought 'what the hell were you thinking!!!!'. It is not a bad smell by any means, and I am sure people adore this, but I think it smells kinda 'off'. I really cannot describe this, except to say it is not for me. You can definitely smell the patchouli, so if you like that fragrance then this is for you, but for me it is a bit 'meh'. I will finish it up (waste not want not), but I don't think I will buy again. Oh well, its an excuse to try some of the other moisturisers, OMG,however will I cope............

What do you think of this? which one shall I try next? I am open to suggestions, so please let me know. I have very dry skin, so if you are a scaley Lush lover too, let me know what you love!


Lush, How I love thee.......

Well, lets kick things off with some Lush shall we? I am fairly new to Lush, and I must say I am a convert. Are you, like me, one of those people who becomes obsessed with a particular line for a short time, and feel the burning desire to try everything in the range? I really hope I am not alone in this. I have really fallen hard for Lush,and I think I might be in love with her for a while yet!!!!

I cannot believe I always managed to walk by the Lush store and not go in, my subconscious either knew that I would develop a costly addition, so made me stay away, or she was sunning herself on a beach somewhere and not really paying attention whenever I walked past the shop. My mind is paying attention now though, its all I seem to think about, I am very sad!!!

I will start off with the first product that I bought form Lush, which was Snow fairy.
I bought this on my mothers recommendation. I adore sweet fragrances, and mum just raved about this, so I thought I would give it a try. I'm so glad I did. Its priced at £5.95 for 250ml, which I don't think is that bad.  For those of you who haven't tried it, get out there now if you can and have a sniff. It smells to me like proper old fashioned bubblegum, which can only be a good thing. The fact that it is pink doesn't hurt either. I do have two very minor complaints though. First of all, I really wish the gorgeous blue sparkles wouldn't sink to the bottom. I have been shaking this baby for a few weeks now, and aside from building up my arm muscles nothing has happened, all the good stuff is still on the bottom. Secondly, the fragrance doesn't seem to last on me very long, I don't know why, I really want to smell yummy all day, and I know fragrance lasts different lengths on different people, but it didn't last beyond an hour on me.

Have you tried it, what do you think?  Despite the minor issues, I will buy a big bottle before it is whisked away in the new year. I have also bought the Godmother soap, which has the same fragrance, so I might try layering the two together, just to see if that helps the longevity.

More Lush goodies to come, I went a little crazy!!!!!

Hi there!!!

Hello, and thank you for stumbling upon my little blog. I am a slight technophobe, and new to the blogging world, so you will have to excuse me if I make a bit of a mess of the first few posts!
A little bit about me, and why I am doing this. I am a 25 year old woman, and I have been obsessed with all things beauty since I was very young. Unfortunately, none of my family or friends share this passion for all things girly, so I have enjoyed my hobby in solitude for a long time. I carried on like this for ages, and then I discovered YouTube, and the blogging community. My gosh, there are a lot of us out there who are obsessed with beauty products!!! To that end, I thought I would post my thoughts and ideas on the beauty products I try, and either love or hate. I'm not expecting many people to read this, so if anyone does then I will consider it a real bonus, its just my way of feeling involved with the thousands of ladies out there who, like me, love the process of putting on makeup everyday, as well as pampering themselves with the latest lotions and potions. Please feel free to leave a comment below, and thank you once again for stopping by!