Friday, 12 November 2010


I'm sorry to say that it is more Lush (I'm not sorry, I'm in love!!)

I blame this purchase on YouTube. I was watching allthatglitters21's Lush haul (if you haven't seen her, or her sister juicystar07, you really need to take a look, they are gorgeous, with so much insight into makeup and beauty), and she started raving about this shower gel.

I just had to try it. Those girls have a lot to answer for!!!! I got the tiny bottle for £3.90, which is a bit pricey for such a small bottle, but it is limited edition. This smells like Christmas in a bottle. Cinnamon, mulled wine and spices, it is wonderful. This lathers up really well when used on a shower puff, and the aroma filling the bathroom this morning was out of this world. Even my brother liked it, and he is so fussy when it comes to scents, he hates my usual shower products, they are far too sweet. (it is very strange living with my brother and dad again, I haven't lived with them for three years, and at least my ex didn't moan about the bathroom being filled with what my family call 'crap'!)

I really enjoyed closing my eyes and enjoying the scent, which is a bit silly I know, but it is so comforting and warm its wonderful!!! I will defiantly buy again, its so unusual and unique.

What do you think? Do you know of any similar products?

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  1. I have a sample of Glögg and it smells wonderfully.